Adult Basketball League Rules (Co-Ed)

Team requirements -

  • A team consists of 5-10 players 
  • Starting lineup has 5 players on the court but may begin the game with a minimum of 4 players (always including 2 females on the court if you have 5 players). Exception, teams are allowed to play with 4 male and 1 female if missing female players.
  • Failure to have at least 4 players by game time will result in automatic forfeit of that game.


  • At the beginning of the game, both teams will meet at half court for a jump ball to establish first possession of the ball (which ever teams win the jump ball will defer possession of the ball to the other team for the second half, which will be inbounded at the opposite end of the opponent’s basket. 
  • Each game will consist of 2-12 minutes halves with a running clock (clock only stops for time-outs)
  • If there is no winner by the end of the second half overtime will be implemented for an additional 2 minutes. If there is no winner after the overtime the game will end in a tie
  • Each Basket is worth 2 points unless the shot is taken behind the 3-point arc & that basket will be worth 3 points
  • Each player is allotted 5 individual fouls, after a player commits their 5th foul, they will be disqualified from that game and must be substituted out
  • Once a team has committed more than 4 team fouls in a half the opposing team will be awarded one foul shot worth 2 points
  • At the game's conclusion, please vacate the court to allow the next game to start


  • Warm-up time:

    1. Each team will be given 2 minutes to warm-up before each game
    2. If previous game lasts past the start time due to overtime the next teams to play will be allotted 2 minutes to warm up once all players clear the court
  • Timeouts: Each team gets 2-30 seconds timeout per half. 
  • Breaks: One-minute half-time break between halves.


  • Each team will be given just one warning about challenging the referees calls, after the first warning a technical foul will be called on the team disputing the referees call ( zero tolerance policy for referee harassment)

Important reminder: Please always be respectful to the refs, ACES is all about having a great time and bringing fun energy!

If you have questions about a call, please only have the team captain TALK to the ref or an ACES staff to discuss (when the play is over). Keep playing until the ref makes a call and blows the whistle. 


  • Teams must have their rosters set prior to playing their first game. This includes first and last names. Players cannot be interchanged after the first game is played.
  • Substitutions are allowed after a basket is scored or after a dead ball situation (i.e. timeout or foul committed) and must be indicated to the official before play resumes. The official has the final say in whether enough notice was given to allow the substitution to take place. 
  • ******Medical Substitutions – in case of an injury, you are allowed to get a substitution. Any player who is bleeding shall be removed from the game immediately. The game will resume once the player is removed. If the blood is removed from all playing surfaces and has stopped, or has been completely covered, the player can return to the game. The official will have the authority to decide if a player can return to the game.

 Every player needs to sign a waiver, including subs.

 Unruly Violations:

All ACES participants are expected to maintain a sportsman-like behavior. Failure to do so will warrant an appropriate sanction up to the following:

  1. Technical foul will be assessed in which the opposing team will be awarded two foul shots that are worth 2 points a piece
  2. Expulsions of individual members

*Refunds will NOT be issued for ejections or suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct.