Bowling Rules

Co-Ed Bowling Rules @ Spare Time

Rules Of Play
 A Game Of Bowling Consists Of Ten Frames. In Each Frame, The Bowler Will Have Two Chances To Knock Down As Many Pins As Possible With Their Bowling Ball. In Games With More Than One Bowler, As Is Common, Every Bowler Will Take Their Frame In A Predetermined Order Before The Next Frame Begins. If A Bowler Is Able To Knock Down All Ten Pins With Their First Ball, He Is Awarded A Strike. If The Bowler Is Able To Knock Down All 10 Pins With The Two Balls Of A Frame, It Is Known As A Spare. Bonus Points Are Awarded For Both Of These, Depending On What Is Scored In The Next 2 Balls (For A Strike) Or 1 Ball (For A Spare). If The Bowler Knocks Down All 10 Pins In The Tenth Frame, The Bowler Is Allowed To Throw 3 Balls For That Frame. This Allows For A Potential Of 12 Strikes In A Single Game, And A Maximum Score Of 300 Points, A Perfect Game.
 A Handicap System Will Be Used To Determine Team Wins And Losses For Standings And Playoff Seeding. Each Individual Player's Handicap Will Be Used  To Calculate A Team Total For The Week. Handicaps Adjust From Week To Week As More Games Are Added To A Player's Average. The Handicap Is Calculated By Subtracting The Player's Average From 200 And Then Taking 80% Of That Total. This Handicap Is Added To Each Player's "Scratch" (Actual) Score To Establish The Totals. The Handicap Total Is Calculated After All Games For The Week Are Played And Then The Scores Are Adjusted To Reflect The New Total And Then Wins/Losses Are Determined For The Standings.
 In General, One Point Is Scored For Each Pin That Is Knocked Over. So If A Player Bowls Over Three Pins With The First Shot, Then Six With The Second, The Player Would Receive A Total Of Nine Points For That Frame. If A Player Knocks Down 9 Pins With The First Shot, But Misses With The Second, The Player Would Also Score Nine. When A Player Fails To Knock Down All Ten Pins After Their Second Ball It Is Known As An Open Frame.
All Teams Will Make The League Playoffs.  Teams Will Be Seeded Based On The End Of Season Standings.  Teams Will Advance By Bowling A Higher Team Score (Pins + Individual Player Handicaps Added To Each Game) In The Playoffs. During The Regular Season It Is Ok For Team Captains  To Ask Players From Other Teams To “Sub Or Fill In” Open Slots On Game Day, To Avoid Forfeit. In The Playoffs, A Player Can Only Participate And Play For One Team.  If A Player Is Found Playing On Two Or More Teams In The Playoffs All Games Are Subject To Forfeit.
Player Rules            
Teams Consist Of Four Players With No Gender Rule In Place.  Your Team Can Have A Maximum Of 8 Players On The Roster.  Teams Can Bowl Four People (4) The First Game And Then Bowl A New Set Of Players The Following Game. The New Set Of Players Can Consist Of One (1) New Bowler Or Four (4) New Bowlers.
Schedule & Standings
Schedules And Standings Will Be Updated Weekly Throughout The Season. Standings Are Determined By Cumulative Pin Total With Individual Player Handicaps Added To Each Game Score.