Indoor 6's League Rules

Team requirements -

  • Starting lineup has 6 players on the court but may begin the match with a minimum of 5 players (including 1 females on the court).
  • A team must have at least two females on the court at all times when playing with 6.
  • There is no maximum number of females that can be on the court.
  • Liberos are allowed (no iron middle). If your libero is a female and you only have 2 total females in your roster, your libero has to serve twice.

  • Failure to start meet 5 players minimum within the refs first serve notice, will result in the following penalties:
  1. Within 5 minutes: 1st set will result in starting the game down 7 points.
  2. Within 10 minutes: 2nd set will also result in being down 7 points.
  3. Within 15 minutes: Match will be a forfeit.

*Our indoor volleyball league follows USA Volleyball standard rules of play, unless noted below:

  • Any net contact is illegal and is a side-out for the opposing team.
  • To touch the opponent’s court with a foot (feet) is permitted, provided that some part of the penetrating foot (feet) remains either in contact with or directly above the centerline, and this should also not interfere with the game play.
  • Exception for intermediate/beginners level – refs will not call doubles on handsets. Lifts and throws should still be called.


  • At the beginning of the game, a team will paper/rock/scissor to choose to either (1) select to serve or receive first ball OR (2) which side they want to start on. The team losing will take the remaining choice.
  • 3rd set will also require paper/rock/scissors and teams will switch side when one side scores 8 points.
  • Best two-out-of-three games.
  • Rally Scoring Format is used for all games.
  • First two games are to 25 (cap at 27) ; third game is to 15 (cap at 17) - must win by 2 in all games.
  • 5 minute shared warm-up at the beginning of each match.
  • Each team gets one time out of 30 seconds duration per set.
  • Intermissions between games will be a maximum of 1-minute.
  • At the game's conclusion, please vacate the court to allow the next match to adequately start on schedule. A team may stay on the court if their game finishes early but must be off the court 5 minutes prior to the next match.


  • Warm-up time:
    1. 7:40 PM games: please warm-up bumping and passing prior to 7:40 PM and you'll have 3 minutes to warm-up spiking and serving. First serve at 7:45 PM.
    2. If previous game lasts past the start time due to long rallies, teams get 3 minutes to warm-up and games will start 5 minutes after the end of the last game.
  • Timeouts: Each team gets 1 timeout per set. 45 seconds each timeout.
  • Breaks: One minute break between sets.


  • Each team is required to provide at least 4 players at designated times throughout the season. Duties which include; 2 line judges, 1 scorekeeper, and 1 up referee (R1) to officiate. Reffing teams can recruit volunteers to cover duties
  • Failure to provide players by the start of the match will result in a 5 point penalty awarded to the opposing team in the violating team's first set of the next match (if the team has played that night) or will be assessed the same night if the team has yet to play. It is the responsibility of the two teams playing to alert the board,if the team with refereeing responsibilities fails to provide all 4 necessary duties. The board will need to be made aware of the refereeing violation the same night of the game. Point penalties may also carry over into the playoff matches.

Important reminder: Please always be respectful to the refs, ACES is all about having a great time and bringing the fun energy!

If you have questions about a call, please only have the team captain TALK to the ref or an ACES staff to discuss (when the play is over). Keep playing until the ref makes a call and blows the whistle. The point will still count even if you stop the play.

 Every player needs to sign a waiver, including subs.

 Unruly Violations:

All ACES participants are expected to maintain a sportsman-like behavior. Failure to do so will warrant an appropriate sanction up to the following:

  1. Penalty - point awarded to the opposing team.
  2. Expulsions of individual members

*Refunds will NOT be issued for ejections or suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct.