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2023 Thursday Co-Ed Indoor 6's Volleyball Fall League - Starts 28 September

2023 Thursday Co-Ed Indoor 6's Volleyball Fall League - Starts 28 September

Individual (Late)
Team of 6 (Late)
Team of 7 (Late)
Team of 8 (Late)
Team of 9 (Late)

Join us for our fun 6's Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball League at Austin Sports Center!
2 divisions: advanced and intermediate.

** Up to $500 worth of prizes for the winning team in each division and 25% off the following season! **
Second place also wins swags and discounts.

Signup options:
individual or Team (6 players up to 9 in roster)

If you don't have a full team, please register as an individual (we will place you on a team) and can also request to play with specific friends if you want!
Teams will ref at most 3 games the entire season.
*New* Official ACES up referees will be reffing the entire season!
Everyone's welcome, join the crew and make new friends!

Joining our incredible ACES community of volleyball players also includes great competition, social fun, league t-shirts, great prizes to the winners (up to $500 or merchandise and 25% for the following season) and 2nd place in each division. With us, it's not just about the games, it's also about connecting with like-minded athletes and building lifelong friendships.

League Details

League Start: Thursday, September 28th, 2023
Season: 5 weeks regular season + 1 week playoffs
Season Ends: November 1st, 2023 (Playoffs)
Time Range: 7:30 PM to 11 PM (Time varies weekly)

Early bird deadline: Extended to September 8th
Registration Deadline: Sunday, September 17th, 2023


Austin Sports Center (Downtown)
425 Woodward St
Austin, TX 78704


Registration Fees:
Early Bird Pricing (team of 6):
$468 ($78/person)

Early Bird Pricing (team of 7): $525 ($75/person)
Early Bird Pricing (team of 8): $560 ($70/person)
Early Bird Pricing (team of 9): $585 ($65/person)

Regular Pricing (team of 6): $528 ($88/person)
Regular Pricing (team of 7): $595 ($85/person)
Regular Pricing (team of 8): $640 ($80/person)
Regular Pricing (team of 9): $675 ($75/person)

Early Bird Pricing (Free Agent): $84
Regular Pricing (individual): $92
**If you sign up as an individual you will be placed on a team with other fun people! If you don't have enough players to form a team but want to be with one or more friends, please list your friends name when registering. **

Please note that, unfortunately, we had to raise the regular pricing due to the facility increasing our rates substantially. The early bird will remain the original regular fees.

We are also excited to add an official ACES up referee for every game this upcoming season!

Late fees past deadline are $6 per person and t-shirts are not guaranteed, please make sure to sign-up on time!


- 03 September is the early bird deadline
- 17 September is the regular pricing deadline
- After 18 September are late fees

 All members must be 18 years or older to join! 

All skill levels are welcome.
You can sign up as an individual or team.


Free high-quality sports t-shirt provided to all the players who signed up by deadline.

Please note that spots are limited after deadline and T-shirts will not be provided for late signups.

1) Up referee for every game (new this upcoming season), players will still ref lines and down ref.
2) 1st place ACES merch worth up to $500 and 25% off next season (Regular fee)
3) 2nd place swag and 10%
4) Quality sports wear
5) Great competition and social fun
6) Photos and videos



Advanced rules
USAV 6's Indoor Volleyball Rules - Doubles on hand-sets will be called tightly


Intermediate rules
Hand sets will not be called tightly.

Both divisions rules
-Teams signed up can add roster players up until 4th week by paying the difference (emailing us the info and venmo @ACESinTexas) and need to play 2 games in regular season. Free agent teams that doesn't have a player show up first 3 weeks can add any player to roster. These players also need to sign the waiver.
-Injuries prior to week 4, a player may be replaced with equal/worse skill level at no cost, but that injured player cannot play anymore.
-Substitutions can happen at any time during dead balls, but the substitution must be for same player. 
- Can't lifts and throws.

- Any net touches need to be called.

- Full foot can't cross the line under the net.

- The point of contact with the ball may not be above the plane of the net when hitting from the backrow behind the 10-foot line.

-At least 2 girls are required to be on the court at all times to play with 6 (otherwise you will need to play with 5 players and 1 girl).
-UPDATE TO ABOVE RULE: a libero may serve twice for both middles to ensure 2 females are on the court.

Teams will line refs and down ref few games for entire season. ACES will provide the official up refs.

Playoffs can only have 1 sub equal or worse talent and the player must have played at least twice in the season. Please plan accordingly!


- Only 1 substitute is allowed in playoffs (equal or worse talent) and will need to be approved by an ACES staff.
- If the full team will not be able to make the playoffs, please add more players to your roster before the end of the 3rd week of the season.
- Prizes will be given to the number of players officially signed up in the team.
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