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2024 ACES Co-Ed Sun Block Blind Draw 4's Sand Volleyball Tourney (Night) @ ATX Beach (N. Austin) - July 20th

2024 ACES Co-Ed Sun Block Blind Draw 4's Sand Volleyball Tourney (Night) @ ATX Beach (N. Austin) - July 20th

Join us for our sand volleyball evening tourney at ATX Beach (Central Austin)!

Enjoy a fun and competitive day of Blind 4's Sand Volleyball Tourney!

Top Team wins $400 (40+ players)
2nd Place wins $200 (48 players)

(please note that these prizes change based on # of players signups, breakdown is shown in "Prize" section).

Come make new friends, hangout with the crew, and play some volleyball!

Tourney Date: July 20th

Check-in: 3 PM - 3:45 PM
Tourney Time:  4 PM - 11 PM
Min Players: 24
Max Players: 48

ATX Beach
11000 N Interstate Hwy 35 Bldg E,
Austin, TX 78753

Registration Fee:

Please note that a $2 CC Convenience fee applies (ACH has no fees)


***** 1st Place *****
40+ players: $400
Less than 40 players: AVP OPTX Balls

*** 2nd Place ***
48 players: $200
Less than 48 players: ACES Swags

Please note that money payout will be sent via venmo/zelle only.

- You will play every team in your pool to 21, cap 23. (Top 25 with 5 team pool)
- Finals will be best of 3, game to 21 and third game to 15 (if time permits) otherwise game to 25 (no cap).
- Doubles rules (but block doesn't count as a touch).
- No open hands dinks, you either have to knuckle, close fist, or have fingers together.
- Doubles will be called.
- No open hand receive (unless hard-driven hit).
Note: both hands have to be on top of each other or closed together, unless the set is clean. Hands can't be side to side.
- Only 1 serve attempt allowed (can't catch the ball after release and try again).
- Each team will be responsible to ref games according to schedule.
- Please be on time or your spot will be given to someone on the wait list.
- Timers will be in all the courts to keep games going.
** No Refund will be provided within 48 hours of the tournament.*

Players List

1 Nic Phillips B Male
2 Chris Kornegay Rec Male
3 Jordan Combs B Male
4 Bharath Rajappan Rec Male
5 Bini Scoor BB Female
6 Jason Burtzel B Male
7 Justin Martin
B Male
8 Hoy Mount Jr.
B Male
9 Mike Madavane
B Male
10 Jay Dunn
B Male
11 Cayman Macdonald BB Female
12 Connor Netter BB Male
13 Charlie Prohm B Male
14 Noel Ruiz B Male
15 Cassidy Smith BB Female
16 Tessa Heines B Female
17 Lacie Aden BB Female
18 Ben N TBD Male
19 Kira Winkeler
BB Female
20 Ariel Kinder
B Female
21 Samantha Ward (TBD)
BB Female
22 Katelyn Krienke
A/AA Female
23 Brandi Bedford TBD Female
24 Pearl Enriquez B Female
25 Michael Zelaya B Male
26  Melanie Menendez B Female
27 Beau Klein B
28 Merak C B
29 Zachary Warren B Male
30 Austin Lofgreen B

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