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Blind Draw 4's Sand Volleyball Tournament - Aug 14th

General Admission
Join us for a fun and competitive day of Blind Draw 4's Sand Volleyball Tourney at Austin Sports Center - Cedar Park!


Top Team wins get to choose ACES Swags or AVP OPTX Balls and everyone gets free Pizza.

Come make new friends, hangout with the crew, and play some volleyball!
BYOB is allowed (no bottles).


Check-in: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Tourney Time: 9:00 AM- 5:30 PM

Austin Sports Center (Cedar Park)
1420 Toro Grande Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Registration Fee:

1st place team - ACES merchandise or AVP OPTX Balls
2nd place team - ACES merchandise

- You will play every team in your pool to 21, cap 23.
- Finals will be best of 3, game to 21 and third game to 15 (if time permits) otherwise game to 25 (no cap).
- Doubles rules (but block doesn't count as a touch).
- No open hands dinks, you either have to knuckle, close fist, or have fingers together.
- Doubles will be called.
- No open hand receive (unless hard-driven hit).
Note: both hands have to be on top of each other or closed together, unless the set is clean. Hands can't be side to side.
- Only 1 serve attempt allowed (can't catch the ball after release and try again).
- Each team will be responsible to ref games according to schedule.
- Please be on time or your spot will be given to someone on the wait list.
- Timers will be in all the courts to keep games going.
** No Refund will be provided within 48 hours of the tournament.*

Players List

1) Cayman Macdonald Female B
2) Brian Zuge Male B
3) Jagruth Peddineni Male B
4) Carlos Quiroz Male B
5) Daniel Ochoa Male B
6) Monika Hernandez Male Rec
7) Jay Dunn Male B
8) Mike Madavane Male B
9) Matt Collatz Male B
10) Bini Coleman Female B
11) Talia VanderVelden Female B
12) Kyle VanderVelden Male B
13) Pearl Enriquez Female B
14) Stephen Boon Male B
15) Beau Klein Male Rec
16) Beth Shorter Female B
17) Dillon Patel Male A
18) Janja Filipovic  Female B
19) Jason Burtzel Male B
20) Brandi Bedford Female B
21) CJ Pleiter Male B
22) Zachary Warren Male Rec
23) Bobby Flores Male Rec
24) Joseph Min Van Male B
25) Arish Rojas Male B
26) Jason Tsai Male B
27) Hunter Nash Male B
28) Trey DeWitt Male Rec
29) Angela Pelter Male B
30) Ben Norris Male B
31) Ubon Haynes Female B
32) Billy Philips Male BB
33) Sauce Male B
34) Nick Prete Male B