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ACES Karaoke League - Wednesdays

Free Agent Singer
Team of 3
Team of 4
Team of 5
ACES is excited to bring back our Karaoke League on May 11th (New date) !
Signup as an individual or a team (3-5 singers)
We will have a fun theme every week!
Themes will vary between decades (50s-2020s), pop, rock, Disney, country, RnB, and more exciting choices :)
Each week, one team will battle another team, sing-off style!
Come bring props, costumes, and sing your heart out!
This is a social league and having fun is a requirement :)
Make new friends, cheer for all the singers, and join the crew!


You can sing as a group or by yourself for any of the songs.
There will be at least 4 songs per week that your team can sing.

Location: The Common Interest
New Start Date: Wednesday, May 11th
Signup Deadline extended: Thursday, May 4th (2 team spots remaining and few free agents)
Season Length: Every Wednesday for 5 weeks (4 songs every week)
Max Teams: only 6 teams (signup soon!)
Time: 6:30 PM to 9 PM
Perks: Free T-shirt, cheap drinks specials ($3-$4.50 drinks), sponsored beers, ACES Staff, DJ, great bartenders, main stage, and fun welcoming group!
Winning Prizes: 1st and 2nd place teams win ACES Swags and Gift Cards


League Cost:
  •  Free Agent ($52)
  • Team of 3 ($144)
  • Team of 4 ($176)
  • Team of 5 ($198)