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ACES Karaoke Summer League - New Tuesdays - Starts August 2nd

Free Agent Singer
Team of 3
Team of 4
Team of 5
ACES is excited to start a new night of Karaoke League on Tuesdays, August 2nd!
People had so much fun on Wednesdays, we added another fun night :)

Signup as an individual or a team (3-5 singers)

This will be different format from Wednesdays, where each team will need to sing a song based on the random list generator. Each team will have 3 minutes to come up with a song and sing it as a team!
Themes will vary between decades (50s-2020s), pop, rock, movie songs, country, RnB, and more exciting choices :)

Each week, one team will battle another team, sing-off style!
Come bring props, costumes, and sing your heart out!

This is a social league and having fun is a requirement :)
Make new friends, cheer for all the singers, and join the crew!


The main point of the league is to sing with your team mates, the more the merrier!
There will be at least 4 songs per week that your team can sing.

Location: The Common Interest
New Start Date: Monday, July 11th
Deadline: Sunday, July 3rd
Season Length: Every Wednesday for 6 weeks (4 songs every week)
Max Teams: only 6 teams (signup soon!)
Time: 6:30 PM to 9 PM

Perks: Free T-shirt, cheap drinks specials ($3-$4.50 drinks), sponsored beers, ACES Staff, DJ, great bartenders, main stage, and fun welcoming group!
Winning Prizes: 1st and 2nd place teams win ACES Swags, Gift Cards, and sponsor gifts!
League Cost:
  •  Free Agent ($52)
  • Team of 3 ($144)
  • Team of 4 ($176)
  • Team of 5 ($198)