2020 Tuesday 4's Spring Volleyball Schedule - Advanced

Tuesday 4's League will go directly to playoffs on July 31st at Hanovers Pfluggerville. Winners get 4 AVP balls and 2nd place gets $100 tab.

Thank you all for your support of ACES at Hanovers 2.0, we regret to inform you that H2O is closing down permanently 🙁

We appreciate all the players that have played with us at H2O and will definitely miss running leagues there and seeing everyone!

July 31st Playoffs - Hanovers Pfugerville - Court B - Right Side

7:00 PM - Diggin' Deep vs Orville ReadyBlocker
7:45 PM - Po' Up Dink vs Free Ballin'
8:30 PM - Double Fist of Fury vs Winner of 7:00 PM
9:15 PM - Winner of 7:45 PM vs Winner of 8:30 PM