2023 Thursday Indoor 6's Winter Week Season Schedule

ACES Winter Indoor Volleyball Week Season Schedule Posted Below!
Please come 10 minutes in advance. You will have officially 5 minutes to warm up.
Please familiarize yourself with the league rules posted below. If you have any questions, please discuss with ACES staff.
Warm-up time:
-7:40 PM games: please warm-up bumping and passing prior to 7:40 PM and you'll have 3 minutes to warm-up spiking and serving. First serve at 7:45 PM.
-If previous game lasts past the start time due to long rallies, teams get 3 minutes to warm-up and games will start 5 minutes after the end of the last game.
-Breaks: One minute break between sets.
Important reminder: Please always be respectful to the refs, ACES is all about having a great time and bringing the fun energy!
If you have questions about a call, please only have the team captain go TALK to the ref or an ACES staff to discuss (when the play is over). Keep playing until the ref makes a call.
Advanced rules
USAV 6's Indoor Volleyball Rules - Doubles on hand-sets will be called tightly


Intermediate rules
Hand sets will not be called tightly.


Both divisions rules
-Teams signed up can add roster players up until 4th week by paying the difference (emailing us the info and venmo @ACESinTexas) and need to play 2 games in regular season. Free agent teams that doesn't have a player show up first 3 weeks can add any player to roster. These players also need to sign the waiver.
-Injuries prior to week 4, a player may be replaced with equal/worse skill level at no cost, but that injured player cannot play anymore.
-Substitutions can happen at any time during dead balls, but the substitution must be for same player. 
- Can't lifts and throws.

- Any net touches need to be called.
- Full foot can't cross the line under the net.
- The point of contact with the ball may not be above the plane of the net when hitting from the backrow behind the 10-foot line.
-At least 2 girls are required to be on the court at all times to play with 6 (otherwise you will need to play with 5 players and 1 girl).
-UPDATE TO ABOVE RULE: a libero may serve twice for both middles to ensure 2 females are on the court.

Teams will line refs and down ref few games for entire season. ACES will provide the official up refs.

Playoffs can only have 1 sub equal or worse talent and the player must have played at least twice in the season. Please plan accordingly!