2024 Wednesday Indoor 6's Summer Season Schedule

ACES Wednesday Summer Season Schedule posted below!


6 Week Season + Playoffs** (New Playoff Format) [See bottom of page]
Please come 10 minutes in advance. You will have officially 5 minutes to warm up.
Please familiarize yourself with the league rules posted below. If you have any questions, please discuss with ACES staff.
ACES Indoor 6's Volleyball League Rules – Austin Crew of Everything Social (acesintexas.com)
Warm-up time:
-7:40 PM games: please warm-up bumping and passing prior to 7:40 PM and you'll have 3 minutes to warm-up spiking and serving. First serve at 7:45 PM.
-If previous game lasts past the start time due to long rallies, teams get 3 minutes to warm-up and games will start 5 minutes after the end of the last game.
-Breaks: One minute break between sets.
Important reminder: Please always be respectful to the refs, ACES is all about having a great time and bringing the fun energy!
If you have questions about a call, please only have the team captain go TALK to the ref or an ACES staff to discuss (when the play is over). Keep playing until the ref makes a call.
Teams will line refs and down ref few games for entire season. ACES will provide the official up refs.
Playoffs have been modified from previous seasons
NEW PLAYOFFS (Subject to change pending amount of teams in league/division**)
  • Top Teams (W/L record) in division will advance to playoffs**
  • Tie breakers will be decided by H2H matchup in season, any further tie will be decided by quantity of 2 set wins, etc.
  • +3 Team ties will be decided by quantity of wins won in 2 sets only.