Sub Rules


  • Captain may substitute a player during league games only. You must have your complete registered team for Playoffs unless given approval from the director due to injury or illness. (see Medical Substitution)
  • Captains may use a player from another team or find an outside sub within their division.
  • Players may play up a division if asked by the advance but upper divisions may not play down.
  • The captain can bring in a sub or player exchange anytime up to game start time as long as it adheres to guidelines.
  • If a substitute and the player they are replacing both show up, only the team player will be allowed to play.
  • Once a substitute player has played on a team, they are still welcome to substitute for another team later in the season, if needed. A sub is not tied to one particular team. A player exchange (or replacement) is tied to one team, but may still serve as a substitute
  • minimum of 3 players from the original roster  + 2 subs (1 from another team and 1 from outside who has played in ACES) is the required amount for a team to play a game

Playoff Subs

  • Substitution for teams missing (1) player can be pulled from team who did not qualify for playoffs.**
  • Substitution for teams missing (1) player can be pulled from a team who has lost their playoff matchup.
  • ADV/Upper Team can pull a player from a losing team in lower division. Higher division players cannot play down a division. 
  • ALL SUBS MUST be lower or equal skill of player being replaced. Requests for subs must be submitted to and all subs from losing team during playoffs must be approved by on-site ACES staff. 


******Medical Substitutions – in case of an injury, you are allowed to get a substitution, but the player still needs to be at least 2 games in regular season but must follow the substitution section. The injured player will not be allowed to return to the match.